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Nothing is accurately similar to other and so not the assets you hold… like this, Moves International claims to provide the customers with distinctive kind of boxes according to the size, worth, and fragility of different belongings.

  • Small boxes—these small boxes come with double walls that help to protect the small and fragile items (majorly breakable) or the heavy ones roping in CDs, records, small appliances and others. Undoubtedly, these boxes are recyclable.


  • Large Boxes—these large boxes are more suitable for items of an average or large size that more often than not comprises clothes, toys, linen, duvets and others. Since these boxes are never out of much space and as a consequence, more advantageous.


  • Wardrobe Boxes—these are one of the brand’s boxes—quality-driven and contains accustomed opening via an effortlessly locking and unlocking the door. These boxes are suitable when the moving journey is long and acquire regular usable belongings—clothing. Being at safe side, these boxes come with extra protection tactics like double walling from the inner side.


  • Bubble Wraps—Bubble wraps are used for distinctive purposes taking in—piling up the vacant space in filled boxes, filling around the furniture and other fragile assets for extra protection.


  • Packing Tapes—Tough and supreme quality tapes for sealing boxes accurately.


  • Marker Pens—Protection is the priority, thus, marker pens are to mark each item packed according and take into accounts the marks while the unloading and unpacking progress.


  • Packing Papers—Local packing papers may cause harm to the physical health of customers because of the presence of toxic chemicals. Moves International’s packing papers is non-chemically produced, and is of supreme quality. These are to double-pack breakable assets (flimsy ones) roping in cutlery, glass products, and others.


  • Mattress Protector—More often than not, these are used to protect the belongings of the customer from getting exposure to dust, dirt and protect during the climatic conditions (in case). Also, used in case the belongings are to be stored.

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Packing Materials

Abolition Planning

Moves International at the request of Customers, opt to abolish these useless assets and eliminate the requirement of the same to be moved. This helps to boost the cost-efficiency of moving plan.

Packing Materials

Logistics Industry

Everything looks muddled from packing, storing to moving, however, not with Moves International, one of the well-known moving and packing companies in the logistics industry nowadays.

Moves International has given an introduction to brand new and advanced approaches of moving to distinctive parts of the cities, states, and countries.


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