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Terms and Conditions | Moving International

Ahead of acknowledging to Moving International’s moving Quotation, you must agree to the subsequent terms and conditions that are to bind the customers and the company into words of promise—

  1. 1. Moving International’s moving and packing services are both combined and solely provided. In case, the customer is opting to take only moving services from Moving Internationals and is embarking on own for the packing or some other packing enterprise. It will only be the customer’s responsibility or liability if any damage takes place to the customer’s belonging due to errors in packing. Moving International or its professionals won’t be held answerable to the customer on the subject of slip-up packing.

  3. 2. At Moving International, we don’t take into account to bear the amount of parking—extra charges because of unloading process. As consequence, the extra charges on the subject of packing (from both the sides—Removal place to shifting place) will be added into the customer’s final bill.

  5. 3. Pre-plan for making the moves take a lot of time and energy of Moving International professionals. In case, there is cancellation regarding the services two days before the actual move, the customer will be charged 30% of the total moving cost. Remember, if the cancellation receives within the 24 hours of the day before actual move, the cancellation fee is expandable up to 50%.

  7. 4. In the case of any damage to the customer’s belongings, Customer must inform about the damage on the spur of the moment (either in the presence of movers still on the delivery location or when the unpacking process is still in progress). At Moving International, we promise to openly put up with the damage (if caused by our movers) and will surely take into consideration, a law-abiding course of action that is either refund or cover the damage through an insurance claim.

Moves International has given an introduction to brand new and advanced approaches of moving to distinctive parts of the cities, states, and countries.


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